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The Sleepover

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Woolfe: The Redhood Diaries - Trailer & Screens


Woolfe: The Redhood Diaries is the first big indie-title for PC and console by GriN.

A unique take on a familiar fairy tale, Woolfe is a dark platformer that will be showcased at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany from 13-17 August 2014.

To celebrate the first public playtest of the early…

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Woolfe: The Redhood Diaries
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This is not a fairytale

There’s nothing fair about it

My name’s Red Riding Hood

I have no father

No mother

 No fear
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Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries


Go check it now! It’s only just started.

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Woolfe: The Redhood Diaries 

looks kinda interesting, reminds me of Alice madness Returns.

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Famous Failures

I stumbled upon this video a long time ago and it honestly made me feel a lot better.

"If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived."

I could not fit everyone mentioned in the video in this post so be sure to give the video a look.


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walking to the side of pokemon trainers and talking to them first so you feel in control

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robot friend who very diligently wakes you up every day after exactly 8 hours of sleep because you should be fully recharged by now and they are bored and miss you and want you to be awake and do stuff with them

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